Sharing creative practices, encouraging lateral thought and exploring creative potential.

Each month we select creative work that challenges the traditional processes of design.

Our Platform

DesignBy shares the work of a variety of designers, from all walks of life, who challenge the traditional medium and processes of design. Each month we select projects under a certain theme, presenting the weird and wonderful ways that design can be used to innovate solutions.

The platform, founded by two design students, was born from a mutual desire to investigate what forms design can take.

Our Aim

We set up Designby as an online platform, hoping to act as a source of reference and inspiration for students on design courses across the country. Alongside the online platform, as DesignBy, we run workshops with students where we encourage lateral thinking in the context of the design process, led by our philosophy.

By stepping into other professions we aim to breakdown the barriers of what can be considered design, and inspire new ideas.

Our Philosophy

DesignBy is a rebellion against the traditional design process. We explore the creative potential of Graphic Design by stepping outside of the profession to enlighten thought and provoke innovative ideas. We endeavour to understand the processes and positioning of different creative and non-creative occupations, and how this study can inspire new practice.

Who we are

DesignBy is a creative studio and platform founded by Daisy and Nina, two final year students studying Graphic Design at Falmouth University.

What we do

As co-creators of DesignBy, we currently manage all aspects of DesignBy from building the website, to gathering and writing up the articles, as well as running our workshops!


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